My Journey

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I am about to set off for four days on a journey to Queensland to do a Holistic Health Care seminar.  I am very excited to take the time out for myself because most of what I do is either all about work or about family. It is hard to leave my children although I know they will be just fine in the care of my husband and my mother-in-law. Guilt is such an awful emotion. It is strong and it consumes you. I should not feel any guilt about taking the time to improve myself or time doing something that I am interested in, although there it is sitting in the pit of my stomach. The feeling of Guilt. I love my two girls more than anything in the world and my brain tells me things like “they will be just fine” and “it is good for them to have a chance to miss me” and “they will be well looked after” but it is still hard for me to take that time out for myself. The guilt won’t stop me from going or enjoying my time away but I have that feeling of guilt in the background making me question my decision to do something for myself.

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