The Now

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I was chatting with my eleven year old daughter today while I was folding the washing and she said to me “do you know what will be good about high school next year. There will be two less girls that are mean all the time for me to see everyday because they are both going to different high schools”. My response to her was that if she doesn’t change her thoughts she will just invite more of those types of people into her life. She asked me what I meant by that and I sat her down and we had a very deep talk about how you create your universe with your thoughts. I explained to her when you are thinking about things that went wrong and constantly thinking about all the bad things going on you are inviting more of those bad things into your life. If you put your focus on something you are creating more of those kind of situations. I also explained that when you are always thinking about the things you have to do you are helping to create more of the same old situation as you are already focusing on what’s coming and nothing new can come your way. She asked how to stop that from happening and we talked about putting your attention on the now. I explained to her how you can use your senses to notice everything around you and put you into the current moment. I said if you use your eyes to see beautiful things, use your ears to hear wonderful sounds, use your nose to notice new smells, use your hands to feel lovely textures and use your mouth to enjoy new tastes and textures. You can stop and be in the moment by just taking the time to observe all those wonderful things around you in those very seconds you are living in. We all know this is easier said than done but by bringing her awareness around it I am hoping she can create a wonderful life for herself as I am trying to do for myself.

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