Looking Back On Moments Of Our Life

hot air balloon photo
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Today I am wondering if there is a reason why some moments of our lives are more memorable than others. I wonder if those moments that stick with us, the ones that we revisit either in our minds or with our words by retelling those stories, are the important ones. Are they important because they  keep us stuck in the past or because they are lessons we have not yet learnt? Do the same lessons keep on repeating in various ways until we finally pay attention and change our behaviour so that we get a different outcome? Is that the reason why we have all these experiences in our world? I have always thought that we are here on Earth to learn about ourselves. Is that the point in living? Are we meant to learn several lessons before we can move on with our spiritual evolution? Do some of us learn these lessons easily and others find it hard to evolve? Is that why some people seem to live truly blessed lives and others live on struggle street? Is life all about the way we learn lessons and the choices we make about the various things that happen in our lives? I wonder if this was true and we all knew this, would we tackle our problems and our lives differently? Something I have been thinking about.

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