Today is a Beautiful Day

clouds dawn desert landscape
Photo by Pixabay on

Today is a beautiful day. Lets all get outside and enjoy it no matter what is going on where you live. If it is raining, go for a walk with an umbrella and enjoy the smells and sounds of the day. If it is windy, put on a coat and enjoy the feeling of the wind on your face, watch the leaves swish around and listen to the lovely sounds the wind makes everywhere. If it is sunny enjoy the sun on your skin and look at the water glisten as the sun light hits it. If it is snowing, look at the beautiful snowflakes and watch how they float down to the earth and either settle or melt on the ground. If it is cloudy, look at the beautiful shapes the clouds make up in the sky. Take the time to live in the moment and enjoy the day no matter what the day might look like where you live. Today at my place it is sunny with a gentle breeze. I plan on going for a walk around my local river and take in the beauty that is all around me. I usually walk for between 30 minutes and an hour and then at the end I pick a spot to sit for 10 minutes and I try to find at least 5 amazing things to place my attention on. It may be a duck waddling down to the water, or a blade of grass blowing in the wind. I find that when I do this my day seems lighter and things come to me with more ease. Enjoy your day where you live.

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