The Beautiful Honesty Of Our Children

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I was chatting with a classmate of my eleven year old daughter the other day and I left the conversation feeling a sense of lightness at her honestly about herself. She is what you would call one of the popular girls who has everything going for her, but she isn’t a mean girl. She is popular because of the way she carries herself throughout her life, she is kind, funny, nice, a good friend and good at sports and school. My daughter’s teacher had moved all the students to new seats and she was sitting next to her in class for about fours weeks. She would come home telling me how much she enjoyed sitting next to her. When I was speaking to her they had just been moved to different seats and my daughter had told me that she was disappointed that she was no longer sitting with her. When chatting with her I said to her how disappointed my daughter was to no longer be sitting with her. Her response was “I know it is because I am really funny” and then she laughed a really real laugh. I loved her honesty and although I think she was having a bit of a joke with me, I really enjoyed that she could say that without being judged or worrying about what anyone was thinking about her. She was being her true self. There was more to the conversation than that and I enjoyed our chat. When she walked away I was a little bit jealous that us as adults don’t feel the self confidence to be who we really are and that we could all learn alot from our children who are really quite good at being true to themselves. Thanks to the children for teaching us about ourselves, the lessons we can learn are really valuable.

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