Removing Myself from the Chaos

woman jump on body of water
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

I have been making some major changes in my life lately and it is scary to say the least. Removing yourself from a situation that is toxic is the only way to protect yourself and the only way to move forward in alignment with who you really are. When there is nothing but chaos all around you, the only way to end the chaos is to take yourself out of the situation and move as far away from it as you can. Whether it be a work issue or a friendship issue or a relationship issue if the chaos is causing you stress, anxiety or even depression you can only stop the chaos by getting out, leaving the job, ending the friendship or ending the relationship. The more you stay in the chaos thinking that you can fix the problems or help everyone to live in peace and harmony the more you fight against yourself and the situation. It takes real balls to be able to do this but it is the only way to stop the chaos and move forward successfully. Some of us spend our whole lives trapped in these chaotic situations as we are fearful of what will happen if we move forward without the problems we are so used to living with. The truth is at the end of every bad situation or hard time in our life, comes a lesson. A time of learning, a time of growth and a time of change. So lets say thanks to the lessons we have learnt in these difficult times and move forward to the next part of our journey. That is how we truly grow and find out who we really are. I am trying to do this and although I am petrified of what lies head, I think it is time to leap and know that the universe will look after me and I will be okay.

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