Self Love

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I have been reading other peoples ideas about Self Love today and I realise that Self Love is an ongoing work in progress. I think once we think we are doing well with Self Love our busy lives get in the way and our love of self gets put on the back burner. How do we balance it all in this busy world? How do we catch ourselves when our thoughts turn against us and we spiral into a world of Self Hate? I have been taking some time off work to work on this myself lately and just when I think I am on the right track and I am feeling my energy lift and my world coming into alignment, life gets busy and my old negative, self hating thoughts pop back into the front of my mind. It is unrealistic to think that I can spend all day everyday just working on loving myself and that life will stay calm and quiet enough to put a focus on me. What I do realise as I am writing this is that I don’t have to be perfect at it. All I have to do is be a little better at it than I was last week and then next week be a little better at it then I was this week and keep putting enough of a focus on it that hopefully it becomes second nature to me and those negative self hating thoughts will go further and further in the distance and become a distant memory. A vision of my former self. Then if I can continue to be a little better every day, I might really know what self love is and it will become my way of life, not just an ideaI am trying to create.

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