The Blue Wren and the Butterfly – A Short Story Written by my daughter.

close up of leaf
Photo by Pixabay on

The Blue Wren was peacefully sitting in its favourite tree waiting and waiting for his friend Magpie. He waited for hours and hours, but Magpie never came. Disappointed, Blue Wren flew home. He was all alone. The next day Blue Wren flew back to the tree hoping Magpie got the dates all muddled up. But once again he didn’t turn up. But one other creature did. It had two wings. Both identical to each other. It flew gracefully towards Blue Wren. It perched down next to Blue Wren and started to speak. “Hi, I am Butterfly. And you are?” said the creature. “I am Blue Wren; do you know where Magpie is? Blue Wren said, “no, I don’t, he was supposed to meet me at Armadillo Lane today” Butterfly answered. “Strange” said Blue Wren, “he was supposed to meet me by Armadillo tree yesterday”. “Well…… Maybe………If you want……. We could hang out sometime.” Butterfly said. That would be…… AWESOME!!!!!” Blue Wren replied. So Blue Wren and Butterfly flew out into the sunset and had a great time. When one door closes, another one opens. Keep a look out for open doors.


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