Don’t be a hater!

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Today when I was doing a guided mediation (Day 22, Shedding Weight with Oprah and Deepak) my mind was wandering as usual. I started thinking about somebody that I feel conflict with. It took about 30 seconds to realised that I wasn’t saying the mantra that Deepak has set for the mediation. I was thinking about somebody that really drives me crazy. Somebody I find difficult to be around. So I thought about the words my husband uses all the time if somebody says something negative, he says “don’t be a hater”. His idea comes from the  Taylor Swift song “Shake it off” and particularly the part where she says “And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate”, so I decided to use these words on myself. I told myself not to be a hater, this person is trying to do their best, they are trying to do a good job, they are using all the knowledge and experiences they have of the world around them to exist and they are doing the best they can. That person is here to teach me something about myself and they are going to continue to drive me crazy until I learn the lesson they have been sent here to teach me. I started thinking of three positive things about this person. It only took seconds for my energy to shift, I felt more calm, more relaxed and more love in my Being. It was amazing. I am going to use this technique to try and change my experiences and create a better future for myself. I aim to try and catch myself when thinking negative thoughts today and switch it around and not be a hater. I am not going to be a hater anymore.

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Release any negative thoughts and change those into positive ones. Let them go.

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